Best silent hill game

best silent hill game

Ranking All Silent Hill Games Game. Silent Hill ; ; Explore in YouTube Gaming Silent Hill games. Hey duders, after watching the QL of Darkness Assault it made me think about how I've never played a Silent Hill game and I started jonesing to play. I'm looking for a really scary game for the PSP, I know there the Resident evil PS1 games but was curious about Silent Hill as I've never played.

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It had the soul of Silent Hill through and through. My favorite Game of the whole series, great Story, great Gameplay, great Characters, great Combat-system But that simple concept conceals a genius understanding of horror, where an environment full of flickering lights and unfortunate sounds peels back all your defenses and uses your imagination against you. Origins however, can't be described as much more than the one that's there. Legacy has an official title! Any Silent Hill games someone wants to recommend to me? Not only was it the least scariest entry in the entire franchise, but I finished it in the space of 3 hours in my first playthrough. best silent hill game


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Some of the voice acting is really awkward among other things. The only one I even remotely liked after SH3 is Silent Hill Origins, even though it was done by Western then European devs, and not Team Silent. SH 2 and 3 are tied up, they are both amazing each in its own way. The original Silent Hill was the only truly great game of the series imo. This isth the worsth lisp ever! Upcoming Cinema Movies Ad www.